Monday, December 31, 2012

Tick, Tock...

Ready for a cliche-filled, long-drawn-out rambling about the past year?
No... me neither. Usually they're boring and full of yawn.
But I feel like I oughta. So I'm gonna.
Come along for the ride if you care to. If you don't...
Well, if you don't, I'll leave you here with a Happy New Year to You! I promise to be witty and charming (and concise) next time.
I don't even remember the start of 2012. I remember that I wrote a blog post to commemorate the turning of the calendar, but what I wrote in it currently escapes me. Probably something profound. But I'm trying to be inspired here, so I'm not going to look back at it for fear of cross-pollinating inspiration. That would be a mess. And would probably make someone sneeze.
But I do remember my resolution:
(Super short resolutions are awesomely rememberable like that.)
In 2011, I had cast aside my typical tradition of writing out a long list of accomplishments I was 97.4% positive I wouldn't see through to fruition. I didn't emptily promise myself to find yoga classes to attend. I didn't think I would buckle down and make myself clean or cook more often. I didn't even endeavor to make more money.
What I did in 2011 was decide to Follow my Bliss.
In 2012, I tried to follow that by Sharing my Sparkle.
In the beginning of the year, it meant that I was going to try to be positive and upbeat no matter what came my way.
As the year trudged along, I found myself spending a great deal of it feeling downtrodden and putupon. So sharing a sparkle seemed ever so difficult.
Sometimes I could only share a sparkle by wearing one. A glittery belly dance costume. A shiny pair of earrings. Sometimes that was all I had.
Sometimes I had a smile to share. A joke or a laugh to sprinkle over my friends.
And sometimes my insides did take on an effervescence and my inside light shone through.
But it was difficult.
(Much more difficult than following my bliss, which I also continued to do.)
Here's the thing about difficulty, though - If you focus your way through it, you feel pretty awesome at the end of it all.
I'll be the first to tell you that I didn't do a wonderful job of sharing the little light I've got inside as frequently as one ought to - especially one who set out at the beginning of the year with no other goal in mind. But I'll also tell you that I tried, and that I'm pretty sure I brightened the world even just a little with that effort.
Which seems to me like a job well done.
So now, I'll indulge in a self-congratulatory cuppycake as I add to my list of Simple Instructions for a Better Me.
I waffled about a couple of different options. I considered "Make Do," where I would spend the next twelve months buckling down and making sure that I didn't do anything frivolously. Don't take a dance class if you have the information already and can use it at home for free. Don't go out to dinner when you have leftovers in the fridge. Don't buy a present when you can make something of equal worth with the added benefit of your own love.
But that also meant cutting out some things that I've only started to do recently: Making sure I take care of myself as much as I endeavor to take care of those around me.
NOTE: Buying new clothes isn't a frivolity, if you've worn holes in your jeans and your patches need patches. It also isn't a frivolity if you aren't dressed for whatever occasion you're headed out for. For instance: Sometimes you really DO need a new dress.

Nonetheless, I would feel frivolous if I set a goal for myself and immediately had to break it.
So I tossed "Make Do" out the window. Maybe another year.
I thought about "Buckle Down." Much like "Make Do," it focused on really digging in to what I have, instead of bubbling onward for more.
So, for the same reasons, I sent "Buckle Down" on its merry way as well.
Which left me thinking about the pieces of those resolutions that I did need to hold on to, in order to keep trucking happily towards the better Me that I can be (while not totally discrediting the Me that already is, who is totally fantastic and worth getting to know).
Which led me to my end-of-the-year Revelation On Which I Need To Focus.
Over the next twelve months, I will be doing my damndest to:
Take the Time.
This was such a busy year. The past holiday season has really highlighted the fact that I've been scrambling through, trying to do everything to the best that it could be done, and failing miserably more than half the time.
In dance, I didn't practice nearly as often as I should have. I could have spent just a few extra hours a week in the studio, cleaning up what I know and working through what I don't so I can keep moving forward in this art form that I'm really connecting with.
In my home, I didn't clean up or do laundry nearly as often as I needed to. As a result, my home was often untidy and my Boyfriend of Amazingness was left to do two residents' worth of chores just to keep the house running.
At work, I made more than one mistake because I was rushing through tasks, jumping from one to the next.
My friends, my family and my love spent more time than I care to admit being pushed to the back burner as I worked frantically on other projects instead of spending time with them.
And my own health suffered from time to time, as I neglected to focus on myself. Either through dance, through cleaning or even through putting pen to paper... I missed so many opportunities to focus on myself and connect with Who I Am.
So, through the coming year, my intent will be to Take The Time.
In dance, I will take the time to practice and focus on what I DO know, instead of rushing out to absorb new knowledge at the risk of losing what I've already not focused upon.
In my home, I will take the time to tidy up the dishes immediately following a meal, and I'll run a load of laundry as soon as the dirty clothes basket is full.
At work, I will focus on each task as it presents itself, in order to complete them thoroughly and not have to waste time returning to them for hastily made mistakes.
I'm going to take the time to write. Maybe not every day. Maybe not things that make sense, or words in a recognizable language. But I'll tap my keys, twirl my pen and put thoughts down just as often as I can.
My friends and family will find themselves burdened more regularly with my presence for meals together.
My Boyfriend of Amazingness will be sick of me after I'm through taking the time to appreciate all that he does.
And, damn it all, I'm going to take the time to say "No" once in a while. It's okay to turn down an opportunity if something I love is going to suffer for it.
Even if that means saying "No" to myself and my self-imposed restrictions. Dish-doing comes second to time-spent-with-loved-ones. Sometimes you just have to.
2012, it's been a wild ride. Best wishes for whatever lies ahead of you... which is probably a short drop and a sudden stop.
2013... Bring it on, honey. We've got an adventure ahead.
Happy New Year, ReaderFriends! I hope it's as full as it can be of all the wonderful things that make your life so special. I hope that you have time with family, time with friends and time for yourself. I hope you treasure every moment and that you live it up as if the next apocolypse will be the real one. Make the most of it!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly...

And sometimes, grumpy old women just need to find the negative in everything that is said.

Today I find myself struggling not to be angry with my local GOW, but instead just trying to give her a wide berth.

No, ReaderFriend... practicing kindness instead doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

You see... this woman can find negativity in a compliment. (Or, barring her discovery of any existing negativity, she'll create some by twisting your words to suit her means.)

And then she portrays you as a monster to people who cannot possibly get a different view of the story.

Which means that, despite your best efforts and your tireless attempts to be a kind person... Somewhere out there is a group of people who just don't care to see you that way.

Their minds will not be changed, so don't waste energy trying...

Instead, save that energy and put it towards someone who will be touched by kindness.

But do spare just a moment to acknowledge how dark and lonely the world must be for people who chose to live in that shroud of negativity.

I just can't imagine making that choice.


Instead of wallowing in self-pity about being portrayed as an evil shmuck, I'll instead wish you all a Happy Post-Christmas Day Of Recovery. I hope you have minimal sugar crashes, naps aplenty and lots of new toys to keep you amused.

And, if you had to go to work today (like I did...), I hope that you at least got to wear a cool new tee-shirt that someone got you as a gift.

Thank you for my new shirt, Seester!
(And the ThinkGeek that made it possible.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Madness! The Horror!

Not really.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not at all surprised that I haven't posted in 12 days. (That's very festive of me. 12 is a big thing this season.)

Here's what I have accomplished, in no particular order (and not at all a complete record):


* I successfully repossesed my home from the sparkly garments of a local show I costumed.

* I successfully arranged said garments in a fashion that didn't impede my dancers as they got themselves onto the stage night after night.

* I successfully arrived at the theater on time each night and completed each task that needed completing. (OF NOTE: This wouldn't have happened without my fantastic support crew. TD Gnome, you are most thoroughly thanked.)

* I found a Christmas tree with Boyfriend of Amazingness, got it to stand up and remembered to water it before it turned brown and died. (Well... died more. It was dead as soon as we cut it down.) We even got it decorated.

* I found and printed out Christmas cards of acceptable sparkle-without-having-glitter.


* I successfully kept a level head throughout all of tech week for the dance show, without being a party to any major meltdowns. (Read: there were no major meltdowns to be a party to. There were hardly even any minor meltdowns. I was so proud!)

* I made it through a dance party for opening night of the dance show, where I shook my groove thang on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. (Of note because I've resisted the urge to take the dance floor since high school. It just felt weird... But I'm glad I broke that drought. It was totally worth it for the happy picture of me with BofA, Lighting Guy and my Amazingly Fantastic Producer letting the stress of the past three months go out on the dance floor.)

* I made it through the party the following night for cast and crew, where I managed to stay on the sober side of tipsy and then get my Designated Driver on and see my friends safely home.

* I managed to only miss one dance class due to my own scheduling conflicts. (Although I was planning to miss last night's, but it was cancelled before I got a chance to not show up, so I don't think it counts.)


* I successfully put on my big girl panties and dealt with it after a doctor's appointment I had been dreading was postponed for a week due to my doctor's absence for the birth of one of her other patient's babies. I even managed to pull together some happy thoughts for the family.**1

* I took a nap every day during the weekend.

* I actually ate a meal that was cooked at home.

* I managed not to completely lose my marbles when I stepped in poop in my brand new opening night gala shoes.

I still need to finish the show. Then I need to pack up everything and get it back to where it belongs. I may even have to do some laundry.

I need to clean my home for the holidays, just in case anyone comes over to visit. Without the costumes there, I don't have an excuse for its untidiness.

I need to make cookies and candies for the assorted goody baskets I try to give out to friends who are worthy of gifts but I don't want to spend money on.

Hell... I still need to finish Christmas shopping. I need to fill out and mail my cards. I need to start finding Who Pudding for the feast. With a week to go until the big day, that in itself can be a nightmare.

But I'm keeping my head up. I can totally do this.

From me to you:

Festive Holiday-Of-Choice, ReaderFriend.
I hope it's full of all good things.
All good things, and pie.
 **1 Updated: The doctor's appointment turned out to be okie-dokie. Yeah, it was touch-and-go for a little while, after I passed out... but I came to just fine, and got to spend a weekend on the couch eating cookies and snuggling with Boyfriend of Amazingness. Not to worry, ReaderFriends - I'm not going anywhere.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sunny's Top Ten Buzzwords...

...that send her into an automatic, irreversable, hot-headed, fire-breathing, blood-boiling  rage:

* That's not my problem.

* Don't worry about it.

* Chill out.

* You don't understand.

* Don't go there with me.

* What's your problem?

* Just take care of it.

* I can't...

* You have to...

* Whatever.

And when I cool my head down, stop my nasal steaming and I've brought myself down to a healthy simmer... I'll give you the witty background and even some helpful ways around Poking The Beast. Which would be particularly helpful for the knucklehead who has aimed nine of these ten terms in my direction over the past three days.

But for today... I will stay mad.

And offer you this tidbit:

Public Service Announcement to Today's Local Asshole:

No one should ever be a face breather. It's gross.

But it's even more gross when you're a smoker.

In addition, fuck you.

Without Any Respect Whatsoever (Which Is Still More Than You Showed Me),

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pay It Forward...

Or, How Sunny is Like A Solar Powered Daisy-Toy.

About a year ago, work was going through some pretty serious upheaval.

We were getting ready to move to a new office.

(Yeah. That was a year ago. I know... time flies.)

We were feeling pretty bedraggled as an office unit - We had lost just short of half of our workforce to layoffs and voluntary resignments due to salary freezes.

We were tired, we were beat down, and we wanted to hole up and eat cookies for the winter like fat little bears.

Which is why it became so important for me, at the Reception desk, to keep a smile planted firmly on my face.

I was more than a phone answerer (although my cohorts would never admit it). I was a custodian... a sticker-giver-outer... a therapist... and a positivity coach.

I was feeling pretty well used up.

At the same time this was happening, businesses were flocking through our doors with offers for services they could offer at the new building.

And sometimes they gave us presents.

(We called them presents, because then you can accept them. You can't keep them if they're bribes. It's in the handbook.)

One of these presents was a little solar powered plastic daisy toy.

The idea is simple - the little daisy in the little pot is run on perpetual motion generated by the sun.

(Okay... maybe it's not simple, and I just strung together words that I thought sounded intelligent enough to make it seem as though I knew what I was talking about.)

Anyway, when it's sunny outside and the little daisy can see the light, it dances.

And when it's dark, it peters out. It tries to keep wiggling for a little while, but eventually it runs out of energy and just can't keep going.

Recently, I dug my little plastic daisy toy out of the last box I had left to unpack from a drawer I had forgotten I stashed stuff in when we moved. As it was sitting in the drawer, it was wonky and pathetic. It listed sadly to the left and didn't move at all.

But as soon as I retrieved it and set it on my shelf...

It started to twitch.

And then it got a little wiggle.

And while it's got a hitch in its getalong now, it's still trying to dance for me.

It's a pretty inspirational little piece of machinery. So eager to please, if you only give it just a little attention and don't leave it forgotten in the bottom of a drawer next to a cup of fourteen-month-old Halloween candy.**1

And it made me think.

I don't take a whole lot of encouragement to be positive.

Just enough to make me feel as though my efforts aren't totally wasted.

So I got a little pep in my mosey today when one of the higher-ups here in the office sent me a note about how my positive attitude had helped her through a moment of accidental grouchiness.

And I bet I'm not the only one who feels this way. (How's that for self importance... My head's growing loftier by the minute.)

So let me share this moment with you, ReaderFriends:

When I'm feeling low...
Lower than the floor...
And I think that I don't have a chance...

(No. Not going there. There's no coming back from Vin Diesel doing the Panda Dance, and we cannot risk losing this pep-sharing moment.)

When I'm having a particularly dreary day, it always lifts my spirits to see that readers from around the world are enjoying the words I'm putting out there.

Even when I think it's just Boyfriend of Amazingness and my Mom who are doing the reading... I know it's not. Because neither of them are in Germany. Or in Brazil. Or anywhere else in the whole wide world that readers have pinged Dear EngineerFriend from.

Even when I don't have the time, the energy or the creative razzle-dazzle to pull together something new for you... You're still here. Checking in, seeing what there is to see and leaving your mark on my page.

And that brightens my day.

Thank you for being here, ReaderFriend. It's wonderful to have you around.

**1 Yes. I ate it. Don't judge.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

List It

Ten Things Sunny is Thankful For This Holiday Season

1. The opportunity to share her daily trials, triumphs and trivialities with a caring hoarde such as yourselves.

2. The opportunity to shake my shiny groove thang in so many fabulous ways.

3. The love and support of an Amazing Boyfriend who chose me for who I am now, instead of who I was or who I can be.

4. The compassion and understanding of a family that knows I really was born this way.

5. A job that affords me enough luxury to keep me comfortable, but still humble.

6. Friends who make amazing food and patiently teach me how to share in their idea of fun.

7. Pretty stars to look at when I gaze upward at night.

8. Little children who remind me to always keep wondering.

9. Snuggles.

10. Pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, ReaderFriends! Safe travels to those who do, warm thoughts to those who don't, and a hepaing helping of Thank You to everyone... with a side of gravy.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Conversational bon mot:

"Are you Sunshine today? Or are you partly cloudy?"

I hope it made you giggle as much as it did for me.

Have a Sunny weekend, ReaderFriends!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Act of Giggles

As the end of the year approaches,**1 I've been thinking about this year's New Year's Resolution. And how I really haven't seen it through.

I've had some serious cases of Stress Monkey over the past eleven months. That doesn't mean that the next month can't be a turning point... Or that the following twelve months will be an opportunity to slack off from this particular endeavor. It just means that I haven't gotten there yet.

As I was contemplating this fact today at my local soupery, a gaggle of teens in front of me were being just slightly obnoxious. First they weren't in line at all. Then they were all in line, in front of me. It was mayhem. And I was hungry. And they were between me and my soup.

But I tried to be positive.

I turned to the woman behind me and said "I think it's possible we may be stuck behind an amoeba."

She looked at me puzzlingly and said "What?"

I giggled. I explained the morphing-and-growing student body ahead of us, and how I really just wanted my soup.

She smiled and said "Do you want to hear a joke?"

Thinking that perhaps she needed someone just to listen, I obliged (albeit with a little confusion as to how we had arrived at that particular conversational point).

And she promptly made me giggle so hard that I dropped my purse.

To The Woman Who Stood Behind Me At The Soup Place Today:

Thank you for sharing your sparkle. You're an inspiration, and you totally brightened my day.

Thank you for your Random Act of Giggles.

With A Smile,

**1 Seriously. It's coming.

Why do mermaids wear seashells?
Because B-shells are too small, and D-shells are too big.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Sunny: <while filing> So. Filing.
CoWorker: <also filing> Yeah. It blows.
Sunny: For sure.
CoWorker: Seriously. If I'm going to spend this much time on my knees, it should be a lot more fun.

True, that.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Squeaking By...

I adore bubbly water.

It's tasty... And good for me... And the fizzles tickle my nose.

But sometimes it can be a little temperamental.

Like when I accidentally drop it on the floor, and then open it and it explodes.

Or when I open it and hold my hand too tightly around the lid, and the built-up gas explodes out like a squeaky flatulation.

Which is exactly what happened to me today.

Me: Yay! Water! <openopenopen>
CoWorker: <snicker>
Me: It was my water! My overzealous bubbly water!
CoWorker: Suuuure it was.
Me: <shame>

I think tomorrow I'll drink juice.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All The Difference

I'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday.
"Ew!" you must have said. "Sunny, that's gross."
Well, don't judge. You haven't walked in my shoes.**1
Let me explain.
Today started out almost exactly like yesterday:
I woke up a little early. I rolled over, assessed the clock with one bleary eye open, and then rolled back to mash my nose into Boyfriend of Amazingness's armpit and catch a few extra Zzz's before the alarm clock rang.**2
When the alarm clock finally did make itself known, I dutifully ignored ignored it - mashing down the snooze button half a dozen times before actually admitting that it was time to get out of bed.
I showered. I brushed my teeth. I got dressed in my darkest jeans, my purplest tank and my only button-up shirt. I accessorized with my favorite "statement necklace" - a pendant that Boyfriend of Amazingness chose for one of my dance performances - and did my hair.
The only difference between Monday and Tuesday was the hairstyle: Monday was a power bun. Tuesday was pigtails.
Which is why, today, I can say with absolute certainty that hairstyles do make all the difference.

Yesterday was an exercize in futility. I arrived at work fifteen minutes early, only to fritter away half an hour chatting with one of my favorite coworkers about our weekends.I had a very positive report to give, and received a positive report in return, and much giggling commenced. But I was still late to start my day.
I poured my cup of coffee and scampered back to my desk. I sat down in my chair, set down my cup of coffee, and reached for the pile of invoices that were to take up my earliest morning working hours.
Which is when all hell broke loose.
An entire cup of coffee (mixed with a packet of hot cocoa mix, for optimum stickiness) decided to burst free of the confines of my mug and leap joyously into my lap for a snuggle.
Which would have been fine, except that it was 8:30 in the morning and I don't enjoy feeling like I peed myself.
Today, I successfully drank a full cup of coffee and didn't even drip any on the side of my mug.
I wore the same outfit all through my workday**3 and I got lots of stuff done and I didn't even have to go to my icky morning meeting.
I had an amazing lunch of leftovers from last night's amazing dinner that Boyfriend of Amazingness made.
I'm injury free, except for the one bonk to the hip that I got when I didn't quite clear my corner around the print room table.
I'm even managing to get a little dancing in.
Today has been a much brighter day.
**1 You'd love it if you did, though. They're all orthotic-y and delightfully full of squidge.
**2 I know. It's weird. We both wonder why I do it.
**3 I can say that safely now. If I spill something, I can go home without shame. I've worked almost 8 hours, and am confident that there will be enough overtime in the rest of my week to cover whatever I may need this afternoon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Coffee, Coffee Everywhere...

There is coffee everywhere.

Like... everywhere.

Today is not my favorite.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Say What?

It's been an odd day for communication.

For instance, the call I just received:

"Hello, this is Sunny. How can I help you?"

"You can't."

"Well, sir, I'd be happy to try."

"No. Someone called me, and I called them back but it just went to you at the switchboard."

"Well I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, Sir. Have a wonderful afternoon!"


Now, I understand that it can defintely be frustrating to get a switchboard when you're expecting to get a "real person." But if you could please understand that switchboard operators are people too... it may make our interaction that much more pleasant.

At least it's worth a try, since we both know you're going to call me right back as soon as you figure out who you're looking for.

And your politeness may be the difference between a transferred call and a runaround.

I'm just saying.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weathered the Storm

We're just fine, ReaderFriends.

Boyfriend of Amazingness was brought home last night, instead of being kept out of town through the storm.

Also, it turns out that, when power goes away, water doesn't go away with it when you live in a city. So I didn't need my emergency backup water pitcher that I had filled Just In Case.

The biggest issue is that my recycling bin tipped over in the wind, and it took out my garbage can on the way down. But we will rebuild.

Unfortunately... this means that there was work this morning.

But it was fun to read the gratuitous posts on my favorite social media website from friends and family all over the eastern seaboard as they reported survival of the storm.

It's a good day.

Monday, October 29, 2012

I Did It!

I did it, ReaderFriends!

I survived last week.

Against all odds (and my own suspicions...), I made it through the week, was able to enjoy my weekend, and then came out the other side unscathed.

You may remember that I was hearkening back to my pre-vacation stressmonkey self, with all that I needed to get done. But I finished it, and had a wonderful time for all the stress I had inflicted upon myself.

Turns out that the two cloaks I spent Wednesday putting together weren't needed at all, because it was summertime-warm in our little slice of outdoors...*1

Turns out that the costume pieces I wrangled from a wonderful, giving volunteer made the choreographer turn up her nose in disdain...*2

Turns out that wearing a tutu doesn't automatically mean that everyone at the Halloween party will be sober enough to understand that you're a Batman ballerina...*3

But it also turns out that Boyfriends of Amazingness are just happy to have you standing beside them at a Halloween party, a medieval tournament or a dance rehearsal. The stress doesn't really matter.

So today I will get through my workday, get my butt home and sit lazily on the couch with my snugglemonkey stuffy and last night's brownies. I will relish the sound of the rain pattering on the windowpane and the wind whistling through the neighborhood. I will stock up my candles and prepare to bravely handle lost power all by myself*4. And I will relax.

*1 Of course I got the first sunburn of the season on the last Saturday of October. Makes perfect sense.

*2 It's sorted now... but still. There's a principle here. Clear communication is a whole Thing to me.

*3 Costume Jealousy is totally worthwhile here.

*4 Boyfriend of Amazingness has been exiled to the next state south for the duration of the hurricane. It's really quite fantastic... Grumblesnark.


ReaderFriends, please be safe. If you live on the East Coast please exercize caution first and foremost. Stay calm, don't panic and face each stage of this adventure rationally. The storm will be over before you know it.
Important information:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

And... Check

Remember when I was a wild-eyed stressmonkey right before my summer vacation?

The past week has been more of that... but without the fun 'Going On Vacation' part to look forward to.

See... I'm volunteering my organizational skills as a Wrangler of Wardrobes for a local dance production set to premier its tenth anniversary Christmas show in the middle of December. My home is littered with costume pieces in various states of completion.

And Boyfriend of Amazingness is getting ready to compete this weekend in a medieval tournament wherein he actually has the potential to win the right to crown himself prince - and myself princess - of our fair Kingdom. So my home is also littered with Ye Olde Clothings that I've been rushing to complete so we can look presentable when we make our appearance before the current king and queen on Saturday.

And Halloween is coming up. I cannot be Batman without a little extra assistance in the clothing department.

But I've also got dance classes.

And dates with friends.

And somewhere in my schedule I'm supposed to find time to eat and sleep.

I was feeling pretty frantic.

So yesterday, I got sick.

Not a headcold, but more of a Worry-Yourself-Into-A-Tizzy.

I had been sick to my stomach for days...

And I wasn't sleeping...

And Boyfriend of Amazingness was thinking about having me tranquilized and put in a padded box.**1

So I took eight hours of sick time and got All The Things done.
  • (2) Cloaks; created
  • (1) Chemise; hemmed
  • (3) Costume skirts; assembled
  • (2 sets) Costume legs; assembled
  • (1) Batman costume; completed
  • (1) Boyfriend of Amazingness costume; completed
  • Miscellaneous shopping; completed
And to top it off... I folded two loads of laundry before I left for work this morning.**2

So I'm feeling pretty jazzed about how much Ta-Da is reflecting on my To-Do list.

Which can lead me to feel pretty silly.

(I swear, I have a work-related point in here somewhere.)

Which is probably why I erupted into a fit of The Giggles when a client called in to talk to an EngineerFriend, and I said "I'll put you right through."

I imagined myself going all Hulkette and tossing the client straight up through the ceiling and into the cubicle of the person they were calling.

Which led me to this:

Photo Courtesy of Family Guy.
And how can you not giggle when you think of the Kool-Aid Man busting all up through your workplace?!

The EngineerFriends wouldn't know what to do.

(I, of course, would give him a high five and invite him out for a drink.)

**1 If you're reading this, honey... You don't have to deny it. I was thinking about locking me up, too.

**2 Boyfriend of Amazingness does our laundry. From pick-it-up-off-the-floor-where-I-discarded-it-in-a-pre-sleep-shamble to bring-the-laundry-basket-full-of-clean-clothes-back-upstairs-to-the-bedroom. All I have to do is fold it and leave it on the bed, and then we both put our stuff away before we go to sleep. Suck it, Every-Other-Girl-In-The-Universe. He's all mine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Kingdom

I was just about to say 'My kingdom for a red Sharpie!' But then I thought 'Hmm... what if I actually had a kingdom?' And then I thought I might get in trouble if I so nonchalantly gave away what you worked so hard to win. And then I decided to keep our kingdom, because I forgot what I needed a red Sharpie for in the first place.

Boyfriend of Amazingness:
You are so cute.**1

**1 That's really a pretty amazing thing for him to say, since I kept him awake all night being a ThrashMonster Bed Hog 6000, and I'm quite obviously suffering the ill effects of exhaustion. But we're not surprised at his amazingness. It is - of course - what he's known for. That and winning kingdoms for his lady.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Malfunctiony-est Wardrobe

There's one shirt in my closet that I only keep because I have to.

I'm ashamed that I own it.

I don't like wearing it.

And it gives me the heebie jeebies just to put it on.

It's two sizes too big... (I requested a small. In their ultimate wisdom, they decided that I needed a large.)

...and it's not at all a good color for me.

It's shapeless and soul sucking.

But I keep it anyway...

...And today I had to dig it out and put it on.

It only comes out when I'm at the very bottom of my pile of clean laundry, and I'm scrambling to find something to wear on a day when everything I put on makes me feel like I'm wearing a burlap sack.

I already feel icky... so I do the clothing equivalent of kicking myself when I'm down.

I put on the Company Shirt of Shame.

An EngineerFriend complimented me on it.

I'm so ashamed.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Anti-Focus Power

Do you know how difficult it is to focus on work (or on writing something witty and creative) when you know your Boyfriend of Amazingness is finally home after leaving for his work week at 4:30 on Monday morning, and you can't go home to see him until your workday is done?

I do.

Here's interpretive art for how I'm handling this:

I get a pretty good base going. I even have a little attention to detail.
But then, just when I have to really focus on the fiddly bits...
I get all excited and it goes to hell in a hot pink handbasket.
Happy Friday, ReaderLoves!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Alive, Awake, Alert... Enthusiastic?

First thing in the morning isn't my most brilliant time of day.
(In fact... I think I mentioned recently that Boyfriend of Amazingness wants to pen a Little Something about Sunny's Morning Ramblings: Precious Thoughts From My Sleepy Girl.)
It's unfortunate, because I've recently become quite taken with having a morning mocha to get me going.
Unfortunate in that, on workdays, I make myself get to my desk before I can have the delightful go-go juice that kickstarts my day.
So that means I shower, get dressed, pack my day bag and drive to work all before I am caffeinated and really "With It."**1
Which can mean that, on occasion, I'll do something stupid because my mental hamster is still catching his last few Zzz's.
Like yesterday morning.
At current, our local parking garage is being prettied up for the winter... Which involves a delightful maze of closed stairwells and exciting adventures in the Parking Garage Elevator.
Yesterday morning, upon stepping into the elevator, I regarded the buttons and thought only briefly about where I needed to go. "Out" was the final decision. So I pushed the lowest button on the panel. It, of course, would take me to the Ground floor - the lowest level in the building. It only made sense.
Except that, beneath the Ground Floor button is the Emergency Alert button.
Which is what I accidentally pushed.
Alarms clanged and the elevator light flashed. I, in a moment of Shining Mental Clarity, said "Aah!" and plastered myself against the back wall of the elevator. And I may have been a little shaken.**2
Which is where the Garage attendant found me when I finally made it to the ground floor.
On the up side... I only needed half a cup of coffee yesterday.
**1 Don't worry. I'm alert, and not prone to running over rodentia or homeless wanderers.
**2 Like a paint can at a home improvement store...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are You Talking To Me?

Typically-Void-of-Emotion CoWorker: <with a giggle> Hi! How are you?
Sunny: <perplexed> Umm... Great! How are you?
Typically-Void-of-Emotion CoWorker: I'm good! Just nutty, but good! <giggles and departs>
Sunny: <more perplexed> Huh.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Having a Good Day

You know how, sometimes, a random interaction with a stranger can brighten your whole day?

Well... that hasn't happened to me in a while.

But it did make me grin some when, while walking with a coworker for a midday adventure today, a passerby asked if I had the time. I checked my watched and asserted that it was 11:15, and then returned to my conversation with my partner-in-crime.

The gentleman was not dissuaded. He continued, "Are you having a good day?"

I looked at my compatriot.

She looked at me.

We turned to him, and I said "I certainly am."

And then we all grinned.

(What did brighten my whole day was the ten minutes spent giggling with the aforementioned coworker that she had blown out a sole on one of her shoes, and that she could wiggle her toes right out the side. That was comedy gold.)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Grand (Mis)Adventures

It Was An Overcast and Drizzly Evening...
...Not so terribly long ago...
...When our amazing heroine Sunny was storming about the vicinity...
(and by storming, I mean that she was stomping around not with anger, but with pride in her totally stompable Mighty Boots of Sunniness)
...and wreaking general havoc on personages therein.
(Which sounds so much more interesting than the photocopying she was actually doing.)
Aware, but blissfully untroubled by the Visitor's Badge flapping against her hip.
(This is an important plot point, ReaderFriends. Remember this.)
She stomped through the Printing Area, making her copies...
(and thinking how awesome it would be if she were a Tyrannasaurus Rex, with itty bitty arms that couldn't reach the copier output tray... so she would have carte blanche just to stomp around and be terrifying.)
...And she stomped through the hallways, delivering paperwork...
(and seriously considering growling at her coworkers with a toothy grin...)
...And then, her rampaging complete, she stomped onto the elevator and got ready to go home.
The doors dinged shut as she hit the button to take her to the next floor up, where her car keys were anxiously waiting her arrival.
The button lit for only a moment before darkening again...
...And the elevator didn't move.
"What madness is this?!" she exclaimed loudly to herself.
(Which you can do in an elevator - you can be alone and loud all at once.)
She hit the button again... no avail.
She glanced at her watch and realized that the Friendly and Helpful Concierge had shut down the elevators for the night and gone home.
"Ha! This will not defeat me!" she exclaimed.
(Remember - she can do that. Elevator magic.)
She reached down for her badge...
...Her badge...
...That was still in her car.
Where she had left it that morning, because she was too lazy to go all the way back to the parking garage and retrieve it when she realized that she forgot to bring it in to the office in the first place.
(In her defense... it's a very long walk. And there are stairs.)
She only had the Visitor's Badge.
Which meant she only had the Visitor's Priviledges.
And those priviledges did not include accessing company floors after hours.
But what's our heroine to do? Her car keys were at her desk... And all the elevators were locked.
Not dismayed for more than a moment...
(for just one moment, there was a little dismay. But it's totally understandable, and totally okay. There wasn't wallowing or anything.)
...she took out her trusty cell phone and called her office neighbor.
"Please, oh please, could you come rescue me?" Sunny pleaded.
"Of course!" chirped the wonderfully generous coworker. "Hold very still. I'll be right along."
So Sunny, being a helpful sort, stayed very still in the elevator.
But the elevator did not stay very still.
(It was totally naughty. It would have been sent to time out, but it probably would have fidgeted there, too.)
Instead, it rocketed Sunny to the eighth floor of the building!
"Hmm..." Sunny thought to herself...
(which she had to do silently, because the elevator was suddenly full of other people who can be very intrusive upon Loud Moments Inside An Elevator)
"This isn't what I wanted to do at all."
But Sunny was brave...
...And she greeted the other passengers with a smile.
The other passengers were confused by Sunny the Elevator Dweller, but didn't say anything mean.
Instead, everyone rode in the elevator together.
Down, down, down to the basement.
Sunny hoped that her rescuer would be there.
But she wasn't.
(Really, who can blame her. Sunny had been traipsing about like a Trapisy Explorer.)
Instead, Sunny was greeted by a Random Person From Another Office In The Building.
Sunny put on her bravest smile and approached him.
"Excuse me, Sir?" she asked hopefully. "Could you please beep me up to my floor?"
The man looked at Sunny...
...And realized that only a very stuck person would be so very desperate.
And so he walked her back onto the elevator, swiped his passcard and pushed the button for her.
(Which she totally could have done herself, but she was appreciative of his effort.)
The button still didn't light up.
The elevator still didn't move.
The man said "I'm sorry..." and walked away.
Sunny smiled and said "Thank you..."
But she also started to feel hopeless.
She was still stuck.
And the overcast evening grew darker...
And the drizzle turned into a heavy mist...
And Sunny's lower lip came dangerously close to adopting a sad tremble.
(The wallowing was eminent.)
Finally, her phone rang!
Hope sparked!
It was her coworker, asking where Sunny was!
"I'm right here!" Sunny said. "I'm still holding still!"
Her coworker didn't believe her, but swooped to the rescue again.
She came downstairs...
...And took Sunny by the hand...
...And walked her back to her cubicle, and to her waiting car keys.
And even gave her a cookie to calm her rattled nerves.
And so everything was okay.
(And the cookie was pretty tasty, too.)
The End