Friday, April 27, 2012

Week of 04-27-2012

Dear EngineerFriend,
I do thank you for your interest in the Anniversary of my Natal Event. However, it's perfectly okay to stop with "Happy Birthday!". You needn't continue on with a monologue about how you guessed that I was 23, but another coworker said I was 24, and that makes you feel really old because did I know that you're old enough to be my father?


Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to Our Roots

Hey there, ReaderFriends!
When I started this blog, I called it 'Dear EngineerFriend'. And... it wasn't a blog. It was a series of mini mis-adventures that I posted through my favorite social networking site as they happened during my workdays. And recently, I've had a lot of these moments. I thought perhaps we'd take a sojourn back to our humble beginnings as I try my hand at a few new snippets to share.
I hope you enjoy the fruits of my last few days' pain!

Just One More Service I Offer...
Sunny: Hello?
CoWorker: Umm... Hi...
S: Is everything okay?
CW: Yeah, I'm just expecting a call...
S: Would you like me to page you when it comes in?
CW: No, I think it might come to my direct line...
S: Oh? So you're staying at your desk. Is there anything I can help with there?
CW: Well... I kinda... Shit. I really want a cup of coffee.
Dear EngineerFriend:
Proudly declaring your position in the Department of Redundancy Department is not a commendable action... Nor is is an accomplishment worthy of the self-commendation and joy sparkling on your face.

It mostly just makes me go "Argh." 

And roll my eyes,
Respectfully As You Deserve (RaYD),


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Was not one of my favorite people. 

(Moreso because Boyfriend of Amazingness is Polish. So. Seriously. Hitler sucked.)

But he expresses my sentiments exactly here.

(Sorry, troopers - I tried to embed it and make it pretty, but you'll just have to follow the link.)

***Thank you Adolf354 of the Tubes of You for this gem.***