Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh, Where... Oh, Where Can She Be?

I'm pleased to report that I'm not dead!

In fact, I'm quite the opposite. Fabulous things are happening in my wake!

Here are ten things that have happened since my last post:

- I have quit my job at the Home of the EngineerFriend
- I have begun new employment at the Outpost of the EngineerFriend (where the EngineerFriend is a minority, and is therefore easier to handle)
- I have booked a two week vacation for myself and Mister Amazingness, that the new job is willing to let me take
- I have booked an officiant, set a date and chosen (although not yet booked) a venue for the previously mentioned Formal Arrangements To Become Missus Amazingness
- I have spent two weeks with the Family of Amaziness, as they left only yesterday after their Forray to the Great North
- I have become a member of a local bellydance troupe
- I have bellydanced with that troupe in front of literally hundreds of people
- I have finished all my dance classes for the season, and am enjoying my first summer vacation since college
- I have undertaken a new adventure in dining to accommodate the changing health needs of Mister Amazingness and myself
- I have thought of literally dozens of blog posts, none of which have come to fruition because I've been doing all the things I just listed instead of writing.

And because you've been so patient, here's a little nugget of sunshine for me to share today:

The Young Master and I are home alone today, as Mister Amazingness has ventured forth in the name of gainful employment. He will return this evening, but until that time we're fending for ourselves.

This morning I was graciously allowed to sleep in until 7 before the desperate pleas for a potty run dragged  me from my slumber. We have now - an hour later - done everything that a dog needs to do outside... drank coffee on the deck... played tug-of-war until the tug toy got too soggy to proceed**1... and now are lounging around the living room. But it's been *just* long enough since we've had any activity together that someone is getting antsy.

As I was writing out my ten-things-I've-done list for you, I noticed that the Young Master had invited himself to a party for one in our guest bathroom. This, I'm afraid, is not uncommon.

Whilst attending his party, I heard a telltale thump-thump-thump. This, also, is not uncommon. The Young Master enjoys jumping into the bathtub and chewing upon the faucet**2, and it makes an unmistakable sound.

Except that this was not the unmistakable thump-thump-thump of a dog tongue on a bathtub faucet. This was different.

Because I am not an idiot, I immediately went to investigate.

What I found was a dog who was staring pointedly at the toilet.

Now... toilet lids in our home are left in the down-and-very-down position always (unless there is a posterior involved). It helps keep dog tongues and items from the back of the toilet from swimming in the bowl. And until this very morning, the Young Master had accepted that situation.

But today, he decided that toilets warranted further investigation.

Figuring that there could be no harm in opening the lid to allow him a peek, I did just that.

He tried to lean over the front to get to the water.

He's too short.

He thought for a moment, and then proceeded to the side of the bowl.

He is still too short.

Having been denied access to the Magical Water In The Bowl twice, he proceeded as only the most intelligent dog would:

He looked at me, laid down like a perfect gentle-dog, and then pointed delicately to the toilet bowl to request that I deliver the water to him.

Shortly thereafter he abandoned the toilet in favor of the bathtub again, and I proceeded immediately to share this story with you.

Have a sunshiney day, ReaderFriend!

I've missed you.

**1 - Have you seen these? Felted Dog Toys! (Admittedly, I bought mine from a big box store. But I MUCH prefer to give my money to individuals... so this link is to an Etsy site where you can get a better quality item than I did.) I love them. Although they soak up slobber like nobody's business... and if the Young Master were more about eating the things that he destroyed, it would bind him up quicker than the time he ate a young pine tree... they're SO durable. And if the one I bought were actually knit instead of just felted, it would be nigh indestructable. I'm thinking I might even be able to convince myself to make some for him for his birthday... Columbus Day is far enough away that I could pull off a craft project... right? Right?? 

**2 Lest you go around thinking that I'm denying the Young Master access to fresh water... he has two water bowls. Legitimate water bowls that are always full for his partaking. He just prefers to jump into the bathtub because it's an exciting adventure. And sometimes there are bugs that crawl out of the drain**3, which are delicious.

**3 Ew.

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