Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Lots of changes have been changing lately. And with all that's going crazy, it feels like it's time for me to take a second and appreciate everything that's solidly right in my world.

Sunny's Top Ten Things She's Grateful For:

10. The undying optimism of my dog. Whether he's certain that today is the day he'll conquer the neighborhood squirrel, or that today is the day he'll get a second breakfast... his glass is always half full. I can learn a lot from that.

9. Organization. As long as I'm willing to accept its position in my life, it's a Godsend.

8. Travel mugs. When I can simultaneously drink my coffee and escort the Young Master on a poopedition, (poop-expedition), that's a win.

7. A working oven. Whether it's baking dessert, boiling dinner or just standing there holding up the spoon rest... it's there for me. And that's solid.

6. Dance. Sometimes it's good... sometimes it's not so good. But it's always movement, and that's always important.

5. Music. If I'm making it, or if I'm moving to it, or if it's just wafting around me... that's alright in my book.

4. Large bodies of water. Or appendages of water. Lakes... Rivers... Oceans... their lapping waves seem to wash my very soul of its insecurities.

3. My home. Mister Amazingness and I have a beautiful roof over our heads that we share with the aforementioned bundle of optimism. It's my haven, and I love it.

2. Mister Amazingness. Who, incidentally, has requested that I arrange myself as his Missus of Amazingness. Which makes me all the luckier, I think.

1. Love. Family and friends and even kind strangers throw love my way all the time. I'm a lucky girl.

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